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One Graceful Leap

[You'll die tonight]

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Gaia Username: Chaosnightmare
LJ Username: gracefulreaper
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Character Name: Marluxia
Gender: Male
Age: Appears to be around his twenties, but acts fourty.

Appearance: Marluxia has highly unusual fluffy like hair. It has many flipping locks with bangs that hang in his dark blue eyes. His hair color is an odd palish red and falls about shoulder length. Besides his very flippy hair, Marluxia always has a neat and organized style of clothing that he wears every day.
To add to his neat style, Marluxia never wears sneakers, and usually wears formal black shoes. His eyes are slightly more narrow than most, and sometimes have a scheming and plotting look in them.

Also, Marluxia seems to be around a nice 5'9 to 5'10, and always stands up straight. He despises slouching.

Personality: This man is the most mature out of all the Organization XIII members. He's very serious, especially when there's a goal to be reached, and is a natural leader. Marluxia does not like to get his hands dirty, and sends others to do the work instead. A very important part about Marluxia is that he's very scheming, and plots almost constantly. He can be very cold but has a long fuse and does not blow up easily like a few other members of the Organization.

Marluxia is highly intelligent, which is needed because of his natural leader skills. He's not very fond of complainers but has a lot of patience so it will take a while before he looses his temper. The way he sends out orders and plots is neat and organized, and the same goes with his way of thinking.

Abilities/Weapons: Marluxia uses a pink scythe with a green handle. It has a white cross where the top of the handle and blade meet, and is outlined in a gold color. He also holds the power of Nature, which contains abilities unknown...for now.

Strengths/Weaknesses: The way Marluxia plots and organizes everything is a great ingredient for his leader abilities. He handles stress easier than most, and is determined to meet any goal he sets for himself. Marluxia has a very strong opinion once he has made up his mind about something, which means he's hard to manipulate. But because of his solid determination, it lead to his death. He always needs something to reach, whether it's a goal or a destination, and the result is the wheels in his mind always turning. Sometimes, he stays up very late working and plotting.

History: Marluxia was the Lord of Castle Oblivion in his previous life in Organization XIII, and attempts to overthrow the Organization itself. He does this by using the girl Namine to manipulate the keyblade wielder Sora's memories. He then threatens to tell Xemnas that the replica of Riku was a failure and finally convinces the reluctant Vexen to kill Sora. Then, when Vexen almost told Sora about Roxas, Marluxia sends Axel to kill Vexen. Finally, Marluxia trusts Axel as much as he trusts Larxene when he returns, but this results in Axel betraying them both and him telling Namine to do what she believes is right. Larxene is then ordered to kill Sora, but is defeated instead. Marluxia recaptures Namine but is confronted by Axel and is called a traitor. He plans to use Namine as a shield when he and Axel are about to fight when Sora appears and Marluxia disappears to the 13th floor. That leaves Axel to fight Sora, and Axel is defeated.

Marluxia waits for Sora's arrival and finally they fight, but it's actually a replica of Marluxia. The actual Marluxia finally fights Sora atop a giant Nobody, and is defeated like the other Organization members.

Now that Marluxia has a heart and his memory has a huge gap, what will he do now?